Photography has been my most outstanding achievement. 

Creativity has been a part of me since the beginning. I felt a call to tell stories through photographs, and I answered it. Creating an object of beauty is the most rewarding experience I can imagine. 

Sticking to that dream, I obtained my associates degree in photography from Dakota College at Bottineau. 


During my tenure in Bottineau, I was chosen for a six-month Walt Disney internship in Orlando. It was an honor to be chosen by one of the world’s most recognized brands. During that time I worked on location, alongside world-class art directors and producers, with food, models and stage actors to help Disney produce their commercial advertising. 


After obtaining my degree, I worked with Riddle’s Jewelry in South Dakota, taking photographs for their marketing campaigns and getting a great deal of experience working with models, on location shoots, and product photography. 


These experiences have left me with expertise I can now turn to your dreams and vision, making images you can be proud of.


Contact me for any of your wedding and engagement photography projects big or small I have the working experience and knowledge to get the job done.